The Bennett 6

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Chris - Dad

I am Chris and I am Daddy or Step-daddy to some. My Favorite Color is Orange. I don’t really have time to watch professional sports but love watching my kids play or practicing with them. I am currently staying at home with the kids and finishing my degree. I attend AACC to get my finical accounting degree and then plan to transfer to get my CPA. I Love electronics and am an Apple Fanboy. I also enjoy Photography and love taking pictures of my kids with my Sony A7Rii. My favorite food is Steak and Coke.

Becky - Mommy

Im Becky the Mom. My favorite Color is Pink. I enjoy spending time with my family. I always put my family first. During my alone time I enjoy getting pedicures with my Mom and Sister. I am a store Manager for 7-Eleven. My favorite food is Ham, Green beans and potatoes. My favorite drink is easy because I only drink 3 things, Un-Sweet Tea, Pink Monster and Coffee. I Enjoy TV Shows and movies about Supernatural Creatures. One of my wishes is to have a little girl that I could dress up in little dresses

Ethan - The Oldest

My Name is Ethan and I am the Oldest child. My favorite Color is Blue. My Favorite Sport is Soccer and I play offense. I also enjoy playing on my iPad, Computer or Xbox one. When I am not inside I like to ride my bike or go swimming in the pool. My favorite food is Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. My favorite Junk food is Salt and Vinegar chips and Zebra Cakes. My favorite drink is Coke. I like being an older Brother and when I get older I want to be a veterinarian or work at a pet store.

Nathan - In the Middle

Im Nathan and I am the Middle child. My favorite Color is Green. My Favorite Sport is Soccer and I like to play goalie. I also enjoy playing on my iPad or the Computer, when I am on electronics I mostly like to watch youtube videos. My favorite food is Mac and Cheese or anything with cheese or pasta. My favorite Junk food is Ice Cream, although I would rather have real food over junk food. My favorite drink is Orange Soda. I am not sure what I want to be when I get older, I just want to help other people.

Dylan The Youngest

I am Dylan the little Baby. I am the angel in the family and terrible 2’s doesn’t mean anything to me. I don’t really have a favorite color yet but I know most of my colors. I enjoy playing with watching Ryan’s toy review on You tube on my iPad. When away from electronics I love being outside. I like to follow daddy and do whatever he does. I like Thomas the train, Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse. I have to take my brown and blue blanky where ever I go. I love chocolate milk and junk food.

Bella - The Big Dog

I am Bella, I think I am a lap dog. I am almost 4 years old. I was a stray puppy at 8 weeks old in the hills of west Virginia when I joined the Bennett 6. I was the runt of the liter but from the Brothers and Sisters I still talk to I turned out to be the biggest at 109LB. I enjoy barking at the mailman and chasing cats in the neighborhood. I bark at anything that comes on my property. I also like to chase the kids in the backyard. Other than that I am pretty lazy and just sit around on the couch all day.



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